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🍓Why You Should Incorporate SUPERFOODS Into Your Holiday Recipes!

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Stay Super This Holiday Season!

Welcome to your Holiday Survival Guide! Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing tips and recipes to help you survive this holiday season. You have been working hard all year, and we want you to finish the year strong as you gear up for the New Year. Having a healthy diet and staying active will help improve your brain function, and help you be your best self this Holiday season! 

The Thanksgiving feeding frenzy is coming. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and more will soon be upon us. This Thanksgiving dinner, don’t just make room for dessert, make room to make your holidays super! By using superfoods in your recipes, you can help control your ADHD symptoms and optimize your brain function. Check out Attitude Magazine and below for some healthy tips! 

Stay Away from Sugars, Artificial Dyes, and Preservatives: 

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