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🍩🎂Why Junk Food Should Be Your Favorite Allergy. Choose Foods For Better Brain Health

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Be Allergic To Junk Food! Choose Foods For Better Brain Health.

Foods play an important role in our daily lives. The different foods we eat give us the energy we need to live our best lives. When we make the decision to eat healthy foods, we are helping our physical and cognitive health. Taking control of one’s diet can be challenging, but can be very rewarding. For those with ADHD, maintaining a proper diet can help mitigate ADHD symptoms. Children with ADHD sometimes experience behavioral issues or impulsivity due to spikes within their blood sugar or from the lack of other essential vitamins. By focusing on a healthy diet, you can help control these spikes and support a healthy body and brain. Check out these great recipes from Everyday Health as you eat your way to a better and healthier life! 

PBJ On Whole Wheat: This is a classic. I remember coming home from school and would just look forward to sinking my teeth in this delicious treat. It may be a classic, but it is also versatile. I like to substitute peanut butter with cashew butter or Nutella. If I have been on my best behavior, I will get wild and add a banana to the mix. This is a great, simple, and cost recipe that can be eaten on any occasion. 

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