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🍭How Does Sugar Affect ADHD?

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How Does Sugar Affect ADHD?

Refined sugars are in so many processed foods and packaged treats, it may seem impossible to avoid sugar this Halloween. There is an ongoing debate on whether or not sugar makes ADHD symptoms worse and how it affects children’s behaviors. An article from Psychology Today reviews studies that indicate refined sugars do not increase hyperactivity in children. There may be some children that are sugar sensitive, but this is the exception. Or your child may be sensitive to certain food dyes and additives that are often found in processed foods.

Even though there may not be concrete evidence to show refined sugars make ADHD symptoms worse, we do know that refined sugar has a number of negative side effects such as tooth decay and the risk of obesity and diabetes.  Plus there is no nutritional value. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals have been shown to affect our ability to learn and sustain our attention. A healthy diet helps regulate blood sugar levels, so we have sustained energy throughout the day.

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