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💪Fight Depression This Season!

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Fight Depression This Season:

The holiday season can be difficult for some people. A chaotic schedule, lack of seeing family and friends, or dealing with a loss can have a major toll on one’s well being. It is not easy,but you are not alone. You will make it through. Depression is a serious condition that is often comorbid with ADD/ADHD. It can be difficult to differentiate the symptoms between the two, but both can have a negative effect on one’s emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Follow these steps from Additude Magazine and our Holiday Survival Guide to be your jolly self during the holidays. 

1) Talk With Someone:

Talk to a doctor or a therapist if you are not feeling like your ordinary self. Being honest with yourself and talking with a specialist will help set you on the right path to healing. If these options are not readily available, talk to family or friends. These are people that you can trust and that will help support you during these hard times. Depression is never easy, and you never have to face it alone. There are also hotlines readily available if you would like support from a different perspective. If you notice anyone that may be experiencing the holiday blues, reach out and let them know there is always someone to talk to. 

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