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😀How to Be Happy and ADHD. They Can Go Together!

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How to Be Happy and ADHD. They Can Go Together!

Being diagnosed with ADHD, especially later in life, can be difficult. As we have grown into adulthood, we take on more responsibilities – financial, work, and family. For someone who has ADHD, these tasks can be difficult and quickly become overwhelming.  This can lead to depression and anxiety.

Being happy affects many facets of our lives.  Happiness affects our health, our productivity, and our ability to control emotions.  However, finding happiness can be difficult with the daily struggles of ADHD.

Recently, ADDitude Magazine reviewed this topic and provided 10 ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies, in their article by Geri Markel, PH.D., Unhappy People Are Rarely Productive People: ADHD Self-Esteem Strategies

Markel explains that happiness isn’t a fixed state.  It is a continuous process with no single achievement. Additionally, no one failure makes you a loser.  We have to give ourselves the grace to make mistakes and to move past them, to develop balanced decision-making, and to develop strategies to handle the challenges of life with ADHD.

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