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3 solutions that solve math difficulties for children with ADHD

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Three solutions that solve math difficulties for
children with ADHD

Math can be complicated for many students.  It requires the ability to break problems down, conduct operations in your head, and sometimes requires the answer to be given in a specific amount of time. This is even more difficult for children with ADHD; they often lack the executive function skills that allow them to sustain their memory, apply reasoning, task switch, and plan ahead. In addition, sometimes math tasks or tests in school are timed.  With all of these factors, it is understandable why children with ADHD struggle with math.

Recently an article in Jewish News, a publication from Arizona, provided solutions to implement for children with ADHD to help with math!

Within this article, three issues were presented, and three solutions offered:

  • Word Problems require more memory function because of the combination of words and numbers. Children with ADHD often lack strong memory because of their weak executive function; therefore, it is difficult for them to complete these problems.

    Solution – Tackle the problem in pieces, drawing a picture for each part, breaking the problem into chunks makes it easier to process as well as strengthens memory by adding tactile and visual dimension by drawing.

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