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5 Steps to Take the Chaos Out of Your Morning

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5 Steps to Take the Chaos Out of Your Morning

As the holiday season is approaching, how are you going to finish out your year? Holiday shopping, family visits, and all of the holiday foods can really have a toll on one’s body and productivity. Harvard University and EverydayPower have published some great articles to help you create a morning routine to stay in control this season. Follow these simple steps for children and adults and watch as your habits improve leading into the New Year.

Step 1) Create a morning routine:

Mornings can be hectic. There are a million things to do, many different people to see, and many ways for it to go wrong. Having a morning routine can help you reflect on your previous day, plan for your current day, and relieve some (not all) of the stress of a busy day. After you wake up, take a few minutes to journal or outline your day. Write about what you completed the day before, what tasks that may have carried over, and what you hope to accomplish. Doing this each morning will help make sure that you use your time efficiently and help make sure all tasks get completed. 

Step 2) Rise and Shine:

There are 24 hours in a day. Make sure that you are taking full advantage of your mornings. A recent study, done by the BBC, shows that we respond better to stress early in the morning in comparison to later in the afternoon. The earlier you are able to start your day, the more time you have to accomplish your everyday activities. This will allow you to be less stressed and provide more time to deal with the unknown problems that may appear. With a brain less stressed, you have more attention to stay focused on your current tasks. 

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