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5 Ways to Get Your ADHD Teen Moving More

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5 ways to get your ADHD teen moving more!

Teens have been surrounded by technology their entire lives. They can often be found sitting for hours on social media, video games, and smartphones. Teenagers with ADHD are especially susceptible to these time robbers since they can have trouble shifting their attention and may easily hyperfocus on technology.

Experts tell us that we all need to exercise for good health.  Exercise can also improve our focus. A study from the University of Illinois concluded that the benefits of physical activity on executive function and brain health warrant changes to the current educational policies so that our youth have the opportunity for more physical activity. If your child is not getting the opportunity for exercise at school, these 5 tips can get them up and moving at home:

Find a talent

Find a class or activity that centers around your child’s interests. An animal lover might like to volunteer for dog walking at a local shelter. If they have physical skills, find a sport or school program where they can practice it.

Be spontaneous

Invite your teen to come shopping with you and park far away from the entrance. Try new activities like a local climbing wall or skating rink. If your child has siblings, put together a relay race in your backyard or an obstacle course for everyone to compete.

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