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#7 Executive Function @ Home Activity

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#7 Executive Function @ Home Activity

All Ages
Piece Together Some Puzzles!
Areas developed: Attention, Flexible Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Spatial Memory, Patience & Impulse Control

People with ADHD tend to have difficulty with attention, organization, and processing speed. This makes solving problems more difficult and time-consuming.

Take time today at home to work on some puzzles! Puzzles are great for engaging your brain in different ways to solve problems. There are so many puzzles to engage the brain in different ways. Crossword puzzles help strengthen organization and planning skills, while word searches help strengthen your pattern recognition and much more!

Puzzles are great for all ages! Weak executive function can often be attributed to having memory problems, not being able to find the right word, or having slower processing speed. There are other cognitive changes that occur due to the aging process. Your brain is like a muscle, and you can keep it strong by practicing puzzles all the way through adulthood.

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