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75% of children & adults with ADHD have sleep problems. 5 time management tips that can help.

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Time Management Tips to Help You Sleep

ADHD symptoms can make it difficult to get enough sleep every night. Science Daily reports that about 75% of children and adults with ADHD also struggle with sleep problems. One of these problems can be the inability to manage time effectively and “time blindness”. The first step to a well-rested day is to make certain you or your child have the opportunity to get 7-9 hours of rest each night.

Here are 5 time management tips to help you get more Zzzzz’s:

  1. Schedule sleep as an activity on your digital calendar with a reminder alarm so you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
  2. Don’t let time get away from you with technology-based distractions. Install distraction blocking apps like Anti-Social and Self-control and keep your smartphone or tablet out of the bedroom.
  3. Give yourself a 30-minute buffer before your actual bedtime to allow for sleep rituals and winding down. Click here to read our blog on why reading before bed can help you sleep.
  4. Take an afternoon power nap for just 20-30 minutes. Long naps can interfere with your nighttime sleeping while short naps can help you feel more refreshed.
  5. Reward yourself for sticking to your schedule and avoiding distractions. Whether it’s a small treat each day or a big reward after a few weeks of success, be sure to treat yourself for staying on track!

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