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ADHD and Nicotine Use

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ADHD and Nicotine

It only takes ONE! It only takes one puff of smoke from a cigarette for a person to start developing a nicotine dependency. Nicotine addiction has always been a rising health issue, but more recently it has become an alarming health issue for our younger adults. Young adults are being targeted by nicotine and vaping products, and are able to share such products with other students on school grounds.

How does this affect your children who have ADHD? In a recent study done by Duke University, results have shown that young adults with ADHD are at an increased risk of nicotine addiction. The study showed, “The very first exposure to nicotine might be more pleasurable or reinforcing for individuals with ADHD, which in turn may lead to higher rates of dependency” (Dr. Kollis pg.1).

After the study, the team followed the participants to ensure that none of the subjects initiated nicotine or tobacco use. However, what about your young adults at home? It is important that we, as parents, talk with them about unhealthy side effects, the long term effects, how peer pressure is going to happen and what to do when it does! It is important that there is an open line of communication, and that these talks are happening frequently at home.

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