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ADHD, Daylight Savings Time, & Sleep Problems

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“I can’t shut off my mind so I can fall asleep!” Sound familiar?

Now that we have “fallen back” to daylight savings time, many adults with ADHD are experiencing a disruption in their ‘circadian rhythm.’ The most common connotation to ‘circadian rhythm’ is something we all need more of: sleep.

For many adults with ADHD, disrupted sleep patterns are a common part of their daily lives. Up to 83% of adults with ADHD report sleep problems, and children with ADHD also show differences in sleep patterns.

Many adults with ADHD report inability to “shut off my mind so I can fall asleep at night.” Many describe themselves as “night owls” who get a burst of energy when the sun goes down. Others report that they feel tired throughout the day, but as soon as the head hits the pillow, the mind clicks on.

There are some tips that can help!

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