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ADHD Does Not Have to be Scary!

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ADHD Does Not Have to be Scary!

Halloween is an exciting time for all children, but your ADHD child may seem a bit overly excited during this time. The costumes, the change of schedule, the candy, and parties can all add up to over excitement, less sleep, and more impulsive behaviors. Make certain to take some steps to keep your child safe and happy.

Safety Tips:

Have your child try on his costume and walk around your home prior to wearing it outside. You want to make certain there are no sensitivity issues, dangerous lengths, or obstructed sight.

Discuss the limitations of the costume; your child is not to act like a monster just because he’s dressed like one.

Review safety rules for trick or treating; look for cars before crossing the street, only go to homes of people we know, hold my hand, say please and thank you.
Review & practice Halloween door etiquette.
Prior to trick or treating establish an agreement regarding how much candy can be consumed at one time.
Have a flashlight available for darker areas.
Make certain your child’s costume is not too dark so he can be seen easily by drivers.
Try to keep regular bedtime hours.
Establish an agreement about how much candy may be taken to school the next school day.


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