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ADHD & Emotional Control. What is the connection & how can we develop emotional control?

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ADHD & Emotional Control

Have you ever found yourself watching your child mid-tantrum and wonder – Why is he having such a BIG reaction to a situation that seems so small?

Children with ADHD often exhibit exaggerated emotions.  How can we help them develop emotional control?

Recently an article in Additude magazine; Exaggerated Emotions: How and Why ADHD Triggers Intense Feelings, focused on reasons why this happens.

When looking at ADHD, it is often a lack of executive functioning that makes it difficult for individuals to complete mental functions and self-regulate their behavior. Emotional control is part of executive function and for one to be able to control their emotions they must be able to; pay attention to the situation, process the situation, control their impulsivity and respond appropriately. For individuals with ADHD this is almost impossible; thus, we often see the emotional outburst or exaggerated emotions as a result.

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