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ADHD? Feel Misunderstood? You Are Not Alone.

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ADHD? Feel Misunderstood? You’re Not Alone.

A recent blog titled Will People With ADHD “Get” Each Other? was posted on PsychCentral from the ADHD Millennial, Neil Petersen. 

It can be difficult for a neurotypical person to understand what someone with ADHD is coping with daily. Often, they perceive ADHD individuals as just not trying hard enough. are lazy. or are just defiant.  However, the more we learn about ADHD, the more we understand that those perceptions are not true.  People with ADHD often have weak executive function.  This often makes daily tasks challenging and even overwhelming.

It is not surprising that neurotypical people do not fully understand the difficulties  ADHD can cause.  However, do individuals with ADHD understand each other? 

Petersen states they do – to a degree.  They are less likely to assume that individuals are not trying, or that the symptoms are a result of a character flaw.  They can often relate to others with ADHD based on personal experience.  Therefore, individuals with ADHD are less likely to make a sweeping judgment.

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