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ADHD Holiday Stress Begone! How To Enjoy Your Holidays.

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Stress Begone! How to Enjoy Your Holidays:

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Houses need to be decorated, gifts need to be purchased, and feasts need to be planned.  It is a time for love and laughter, but for others, this can be the most stressful time of the year. It is nearly impossible to make everything perfect but is even more difficult when your gift is ADHD. There are so many juggling pieces that must be handled with care, that you must be prepared for anything. Additude Magazine has provided some great tips to help you be ready for anything this holiday season!

Plan Ahead….Way Ahead: 

Planning should have a seat reserved at your Thanksgiving table this year. Organizing and planning ahead can help lift so much stress from your holiday season. Go ahead and organize the recipes that you will be using, place your order for your turkey, have your shopping list ready. This will allow you to have everything outlined in front of you. This can help you find the stores offering the best deals, no more surprise visits from family, and help you enjoy your holidays with family and friends. Have a plan in hand!

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