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ADHD, New Routines, & the Importance of Customizing Plans

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Listen to one of our 9 year old Play Attention students when she calls our Vice President to share a story about her recent success! Click to hear her excitement…
The Play Attention team is committed to your success. We have many support systems in place to insure this. Two important aspects of this include customizing everyone’s Play Attention plan to meet your specific needs and unlimited support and guidance from your executive function coach. I recently have had the pleasure to work one of our very special Play Attention families with these two areas.

This is their story…

Rachel is an extremely bright 9 year old. Her family recently decided to start a Play Attention program at home. Not only would Rachel be enrolled in the program, but her mom would also be using Play Attention to improve her own executive function. Both Rachel and Mom took our FOCUS assessment first, so that we could further pinpoint different strengths and weaknesses. We also discussed an appropriate training schedule for each.

Rachel started with a Play Attention training schedule working 3 times per week for 20 minute sessions. This means she would be doing about 4 different cognitive games per session.

Rachel started her sessions, and her mom and I soon learned that it would be important to further customize her plan.

Read Rachel’s entire story…

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