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ADHD & Screen Time. Tips for Managing Both.

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Little Screens, Big Effects!

Technology has grown to be a necessity in our everyday lives. We use it to set our alarms, track our health, and even vacuum our homes. Technology is developing to become more integrated into daily use, and developing to be more affordable for adults and children. What does the rise of technology mean for children with ADHD? Children with ADHD sometimes have difficulty focusing on tasks that do not provide high stimulation or high interest to them. With the rise of technology, they have access to information, social interactions, and overly stimulating games at their fingertips.  Often times they spend time hyperfocused playing the different games, checking multiple social media platforms, and binging on Netflix as if it is their only purpose. Where is this focus when it applies to homework or chores? Screens can be used to help make our lives easier, but can also be a major distraction. Prioritize your cognitive health and try some of these great tips to help monitor your screen time!

Use Apps That Manage Screen Time: If you are aware that screens are a major distraction for you or your child then try utilizing apps that can help manage your screen time. There are several apps on the market that can help limit the amount of time you can utilize your smart devices. This will give you more time to focus on other activities such as practicing mindfulness meditation, learning a new instrument, or going exploring outside. 

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