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ADHD & Thanksgiving Preparations. Plus Plan Your Play Attention

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Tips for the Thanksgiving Table
Make the Thanksgiving table special!
Holiday excitement can make it difficult for your ADHD child to adjust his/her behavior. This is a great opportunity to provide your child with some special responsibilities.
Make setting the dinner table your child’s Thanksgiving job. Giving him this very important job will keep him occupied and give him something to be proud of.  It also provides an opportunity to practice skills such as planning, organization, and memory!
Steps to help you plan ahead:
1.  Discuss. Start talking to your child about his Thanksgiving job a week before Thanksgiving – no surprises on Thanksgiving Day!
2.  Brainstorm. Make a list together outlining everything that will be his responsibility to place on the table.
3.  Display. Post the list somewhere that is easy for him to find and read.
4.  Arrange. Make certain your child’s items are easily accessible. 
5.  Rules. Make certain your child has guidelines to follow. You must follow the list. Cross items off the list after you have placed them on the table. If it is not on your list, then it is not your responsibility. 
6.  Praise!  Make certain family and friends provide your child with lots of positive reinforcement for a job well done![/caption]

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