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ADHD? Tips for Better Sleep, Diet, & Exercise Routines

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ADHD? Tips for Better Sleep, Diet, & Exercise Routines

The end of summer is near and back-to-school time is here. If your family’s summer consisted of lazy days and sleeping late, it’s time to get back to a healthy, structured routine. This can be especially difficult if you or your child have ADHD. 

Routines are critical to individuals with ADHD.  Without routines in place, chaos can ensue.  Here are some tips to help you establish routines for good sleep, diet, and exercise habits:


  •  Meet as a family and develop a school-night routine.
  •  Allow for 30-minutes of downtime before lights out.
  •  Reading, listening to soft music, or talking about the day are a few ways to help get settled before bedtime.
  •  Get daily exercise to release energy and ensure deep sleep. 

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