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Avoid Summer Brain Drain. This summer you can improve Executive Function.

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Avoid Brain Drain!
This summer make a plan to improve Executive Function & look forward to a successful new school year
Summer vacation means sleeping late, staying up late, and doing very little except enjoying time out of school. However, did you know that the average student loses one to three months math and reading gains made over the prior year? Academic losses are so common among students that educators have given the phenomena a name: Summer Brain Drain. This makes starting the following school year difficult.
Summer Brain Drain may even be worse for ADHD students already having trouble at school.
Here are some tips that should help prevent Summer Brain Drain:
• Take advantage of the summer months to start your Play Attention program and improve Executive Function and Self-Regulation.
• Set a consistent routine.
• Read. Decrease reading losses by developing a fun reading plan with your child. Select reading level appropriate books and have fun discussing them and even acting out some scenes!
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