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Can it be Adult-Onset ADHD?

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Recently Psychology Today published an article that sheds light on what is known as Adult-Onset ADHD, or Late-Onset ADHD. What is interesting is that it might not be as common as we thought. If you survived childhood without having to deal with the frustration of ADHD, then the inattentiveness or hyperactivity you are experiencing now, as an adult, are symptoms of another mental health condition or substance abuse. That’s what the statistics say.

This doesn’t mean that adults don’t have ADHD, or even that Late-Onset ADHD can’t happen. “People can present later in life with ADHD symptoms that, upon more careful examination, had been present all along. However, this study suggests that “pure” adolescent or adult-onset ADHD may be much less common than the raw numbers suggest.”

“The notion of a widespread adult-onset ADHD epidemic falls apart when you have access to detailed patient clinical records and history,” said Sibley, an associate professor of psychiatry & behavioral health at FIU’s Center for Children and Families and Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. “We found a number of people who looked like they had adult-onset ADHD, but when we looked closely, adult-onset symptoms were traced back to childhood or were better explained by other problems, like the cognitive effects of heavy marijuana use, psychological trauma, or depressive symptoms that affect concentration,” Sibley said.

Regardless of whether your inattentiveness is a result of undiagnosed childhood ADHD or some later psychological trauma, Play Attention can help with your Executive Function skills, working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control.

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