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Emotion Regulation Skills. Can a Dog be the Answer?

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We teach our dogs how to sit, roll over, and speak.  But can a dog teach your ADHD child emotion regulation skills?

If you own a dog, you know the wonderful feeling of Scruffy meeting you at the door with unconditional love and lots of wet kisses.  You can feel the stress of the day disappear as your dog snuggles in for that most important belly rub.  

Studies now show that not only do you get good feelings from your dog, but your dog can actually help your ADHD child develop emotion regulation skills and possibly reduce ADHD symptoms. cites a recent study published in the Journal of Pediatric Research that found owning, walking and playing with a family dog could enrich a toddler’s social and emotional development. In fact, toddlers from dog-owning families in the study were “30% less likely to have conduct and peer problems in comparison to preschoolers from families who didn’t own dogs,” according to the research.

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