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Family Management is Hard! We can help! Get your Free Virtual Nanny today!

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Family Management Is Challenging!

We have a virtual Nanny who can help!

Are you tired of all the charts, sticky notes, and calendars strewn around the house? Do you find that your current methods of staying organized just don’t work? At Play Attention, it is our mission to help make life easier for our families who have loved ones with ADHD. Register now for a FREE virtual Nanny! After your free trial Nanny, you can continue Nanny’s services for as low as $5.95 a month!

So easy, you can manage your family right from your tablet or cellphone!

Nanny’s Circle is the premier family management app for families with ADHD children. Here you can manage your entire family while specifically addressing the needs of your ADHD child. Nanny’s Circle provides the tools you need to establish structure and consistency in a fun, nurturing format.

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Set up your weekly routine and mark off chores as your child does them. Routines are divided into morning, afternoon, and night, giving your child a small list of chores for each time of day. This helps both of you manage time. Your child can earn points for completing chores and use those points to buy great items in Nanny’s Store. Consequences can also be set for not completing chores

You can use the Homework Helper to keep track of your homework and grades. When you first open the Homework Helper, you will see a list of homework currently due. Clicking on an assignment will bring up detailed information about the assignment.

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