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What is Nanny’s Circle?
Nanny’s Circle is the premier family management app for families with ADHD children. Here you can manage your entire family while specifically addressing the needs of your ADHD child. Nanny’s Circle provides the tools you need to establish structure and consistency in a fun, nurturing format.

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What can Nanny’s Circle do for my family?
Nanny’s Circle can help you organize your life. Nanny’s interactive format makes life simpler. Nanny allows you to schedule events like soccer practice or ballet class and reminds you ahead of time. Nanny assists your child in doing chores. Chores are fun and rewarding with Nanny’s help. Nanny rewards your child for a job well done. Nanny helps you provide immediate consequences when things are not going well. Getting better behavior is just a click away. Nanny also has an on-line journal, fun games, tips and strategies, and much more.Space_Room_500

How many of my children can use Nanny?
Nanny will allow you to manage up to 6 children within your family.

Is Nanny easy to use?
Yes, Nanny is fun and easy to use. Nanny provides you with interactive tutorials to assist you in your learning. Remember Nanny is just a call or email away if you need more individualized attention.

What if my child does not have ADHD but we still want to use this great service?

Of course, Nanny is for all families wanting to organize and make life simpler!

Is there a fee for Nanny?
You will receive a one month free trial to start!  After your free trial, the Nanny plans are as follows:

$5.95 per month for use for up to 3 family members (1 parent and up to 2 children)
$6.95 per month for use for up to 5 family members (1 parent and up to 4 children)
$7.95 per month for use for up to 7 family members (1 parent and up to 6 children)


Am I obligated?
You can cancel your account at any time. 

Is there a tour through Nanny’s house?
Yes, for a free tour call (828) 490-7517, or view a video tour here.

Will any new features be added to

Yes, new and exciting features will be added often.

Will there be a charge for new features?

No, there will be no charge for new on-line features. Nanny will grow with your family.