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Homework Center

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Do you send your child to his room to do homework?  Is the room so full of distractions that it is impossible for him to stay on task?  Is your child constantly wasting time before homework because he cannot find the materials he needs?  Your solution: Create a special homework center with your child and eliminate the distractions and wasted time.  The more you get your child involved in this process the more special the area becomes to your child!

1.  Find an area that is conducive to doing homework.  It should not be in the center of the home where there are lots of visual and auditory distractions.  To get your child involved in the decision making process, pick out 3 areas and let him choose which area he would like the best.

2. Make a list.  Sit down with your child and make a list of all of the items needed in the homework center.  Items may include pens, pencils, lined paper, an in-box for homework assignments, an out-box for completed assignments, calculator, bookshelf, scissors, trashcan etc.  If you plan wisely, there should be no more, “but mom I can’t find…”.

3. Make certain you have a clean work space with a comfortable chair.  You may choose to include a bean bag so he can be nice and comfy when reading.  You may want to include a chair for yourself so you will have a spot when reviewing the homework.

4. Have a timer.  Timers are a great way to teach time management.  Include a timer in the homework area so you can set up time limits for different assignments.

5. Post a bulletin board so you can post good grades, personal goals, or a reward board.

Taking the time now to create a special homework center with your child can save you a lot of time and energy in the end.  And it may just make homework time a little more enjoyable!

Nanny has a great homework helper! Visit our FaceBook page and watch a recent live video post that explains our homework section.

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