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How Can You Stop ADHD Procrastination? Start By Reading These Tips NOW.

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Poof Procrastination Begone!

Procrastination has more than likely affected all of us at some point in our lives. It seems very easy to hit the snooze button, watch just one more show, or put off major changes in one’s life. Procrastination seem to affect those with ADHD more often. Our brains can have a lapse of attention, and we focus on another task. Or we may get distracted while instructions are given to us. This is often due to weak executive function. Executive function allows us to control planning, organization, and other cognitive skills. There are many factors that can cause procrastination, but there are also many different steps that you can take to help create a habit of starting and completing tasks in a timely manner. When we overcome procrastination, we lower our stress levels and achieve more during our day! Try some of these great tips and this great video link from TotallyADD and beat procrastination! 

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