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How School Stress Negatively Affects Your Child’s Brain – What you can do to help

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How School Stress Negatively Affects Your Child’s Brain
What You Can Do to Help

Stress is defined by the American Psychological Association as; any uncomfortable “emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes. Some stress can be beneficial for our well being; however, when stressors become chronic this is when it can affect our health.” Chronic stress occurs when everyday stressors are ignored or poorly managed, as well as exposure to a traumatic event. Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression as well as risk for heart disease or abuse of addictive substances.  

A recent article by ADDitude Magazine; Why School Stress is Devastating for Our Children, explored how chronic stress is affecting children especially ones with ADHD and learning disabilities (LD).  This is troubling because chronic stress can affect our brains and how we handle situations. It can also prevent us from reaching our potential and succeeding, and in some children, it affects their desire to attend school.

As parents and teachers, what can we do if the chronic stress of school is affecting our child to the extent that they no longer want to attend?

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