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IEP & 504 Plans. Does my child qualify?

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Understanding the IEP & 504 Plans
Does your child qualify?

When it comes to getting the right classroom accommodations for your child, there is a sea of information. It can be an intimidating and confusing process for parents.

If your child is struggling in the classroom, they may qualify for accommodations. Students with one of thirteen disabilities are eligible for an IEP, which is the more formal of the two. A student can qualify for a 504 plan if they have any disability that affects their ability to learn.

IEP & 504 Plans. How Play Attention Can Help Strengthen Executive Function & Self-Regulation:

Studies have shown that “Executive functioning (EF) is a strong predictor of children’s and adolescents’ academic performance.”

We can teach the skills necessary for school success: Play Attention teaches the cognitive skills that are the foundation for strong executive function & self-regulation.

The skills taught within Play Attention are also often set as objectives within the student’s IEP or 504 plan. Attend our upcoming webinar to learn more.

We can assess your child’s or your clients’ attention:
The Educational Advisors at Play Attention are accredited to conduct the FOCUS assessment with children and adults. We can provide you with an attention assessment and full consultation, that will not only report individual strengths and weaknesses but also offer solutions. Contact us at 800-788-6786. The FOCUS assessment results can also often be used to help design your child’s IEP or 504 plan. We will use the FOCUS assessment results and consultation to further customize your Play Attention plan. Click here to learn more about the FOCUS assessment.

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