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IEP vs. 504. School accommodations your child needs.

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IEP vs. 504
Which is best for your child?

Play Attention is a great program to help complement any IEP or 504 plans because attention difficulties are addressed through strengthening cognitive skills and executive function.

In the world of education, it can be difficult to decipher the difference between an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) and a 504 plan. Both plans offer formal help for students K-12th grades with learning and attention issues and they do have some similarities but at a closer look, they are very different.

What are the similarities between the two plans?

  • Both are provided at no cost to the students
  • Parent consent to implement is required
  • Both are reviewed annually

However, when we start to look at the differences the list gets much longer.

  • IEPs are individualized educational programs, but 504s are only accommodations to the learning environment for the student
  • IEP has benchmark goals specific to the student, but the 504s do not
  • IEPs must have one of 13 specific disabilities listed in IDEA and it must affect the child’s education performance, while a 504 plan includes any disability such as learning and attention issues. Thus, a 504 has a much broader definition of disability that IDEA

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