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NEW Back to School Tips

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How teachers can motivate students with ADHD

It’s back to school time!  Let’s focus on student success.

Play Attention can improve student motivation and success.  We will develop a customized plan for your child/student that will improve attention, self-regulation, and executive function.  Your Play Attention plan will guide your child/student to success!  Call 800-788-6786 for your free assessment and consultation.  Or simply click here to schedule a time to chat with a Play Attention advisor.

Rick Lavoire, posted an article in ADDitude Magazine, How to Motivate (Not Demoralize) a Student with ADHD. Lavoire provides tips specifically for teachers to help with motivation. The following list provides teacher strategies that can be used to increase motivation.  These tips are great for students with ADHD but can really be applied to all students:

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