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NEW Study: How Schools Can Better Support Children with ADHD

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New Study:
How Schools Can Better Support Children with ADHD

New research is offering clearer guidance on how schools can better support children with ADHD to improve symptoms and maximize academic outcomes.

The study being led by the University of Exeter and involving researchers at the EPPI-Centre (University College London), analyzed available research on non-medication measures to support children with ADHD in schools. The findings published in the Review of Education, cited in the article from Science Daily, stated the interventions that improved academic outcomes included one-on-one support and focus on self-regulation.

Research also found that daily report cards, setting goals, and reward structures were beneficial.

Play Attention incorporates many of the successful interventions that were cited in the study.

One-on-One support and focus on self-regulation are provided in Play Attention.  Play Attention is typically done in 1:1 sessions or with small groups.

Play Attention teaches self-regulation by combining NASA inspired technology with cognitive skill training and behavior shaping.  The students are able to control all of the cognitive activities by mind(attention) alone! This makes attention concrete and controllable.  Now they can see their attention in real time, feel what they are doing, and practice skills. This process develops self-regulation because they now know exactly when they are paying attention and when they are not. They can now better monitor their “triggers” and more importantly, know how to control their attention and reactions when those triggers occur.

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