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New Study: Screen Time & Your ADHD Teen.

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Screen Time & Your ADHD Teen

As video game availability increases so does screen time. How does that affect a child with ADHD? There are many schools of thought on how video games affect our children, but a recent study was done to see what the true impacts include for children with ADHD.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, regarding how new technologies are used by adolescents and, if, over time, the technologies increase symptoms of ADHD. The study showed that the answer is yes; increased technologies and screen time do increase symptoms of ADHD. Teens that did not engage in media use at a higher frequency had a lower rate of developing ADHD symptoms by 4.5%. This is compared to teens who did engage in at least seven activities. They had a 9.5% increase, which is over double of the teens that did not engage.

However, the article from Psychology Today, reports further on the study stating that not all technology tested had equal effects. Video games played with family members had no significant association, however video games played alone (or online) had a strong association.

Recommendations regarding screen time include;

  • Limiting screen time at night
  • Prioritizing school work
  • Prioritizing family
  • Prioritized genuinely social screen time over solo screen time
  • Prioritize unstructured play
  • Integrate Play Attention into your routine

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