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NEW: Today’s @ Home Executive Function Activity. Focus on – Self Monitoring, Processing, Memory

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#2 Executive Function @ Home Activity

Every Age


Areas developed: Self-Monitoring, Focus, Processing, Memory, Organization, Reflection

Dr. Gendron’s  definition of self-monitoring: “Self-monitoring is the ability to evaluate our own behavior in order to determine when a different approach would be more appropriate. So it’s about noticing and fixing our mistakes, knowing when to ask for help. In a learning environment, a student with good self-monitoring will reread his work, make sure he does the checks and balances to make sure that their answers make sense. The student who is challenged with self-monitoring will not engage in such tasks, and of course, the quality of their work will suffer.”

Every Play Attention session ends with the Journal, which is an electronic opportunity for self-reflection.  Asking questions like, “what I learned” and “what I’m proud of” prompts an individual to internally evaluate the experience they just had, which in turn facilitates a better understanding of the experience they had.  

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