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NEW: Today’s @ Home Executive Function Activity. Focus – Planning, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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#3 Executive Function @ Home Activity

School-Age children through Adult

Classic Board Games

Areas developed: Planning, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, Patience, Focus, Processing, Working Memory, Organization

It’s time to move away from video games and dust off those classic board games.  

Board games used to be a staple of entertainment for many families… and for good reason!  Classic board games combine fun with learning, while simultaneously strengthening family bonds through interaction.  Let’s review a few classic board games from your childhood.  These games are still relevant today and help strengthen executive functioning.

  1. Monopoly: Perhaps the granddaddy of all board games, this classic improves counting, addition, subtraction, and the basics of working-memory-based problem-solving.  Obviously, the movement of the tokens and the buying and selling of property strengthen mathematics skills, but there is also the problem-solving aspect, which requires anticipation and abstract thinking: ‘Do I spend what’s left of my money on a hotel since my brother’s car token is so close?  Or do I wait until I’ve passed his properties, so I don’t have to mortgage anything if I get hit?’

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