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NEW Workout Trend – The Mindful Workout

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Exercise used to be just about sculpting our bodies, burning calories, and improving our physical health. Now research has shown that we also need exercise for a healthy brain. If you have ADHD, regular exercise may be especially helpful since it can improve focus and cognitive processing.

The latest trend in workout classes integrates Mindfulness during high-intensity intervals. Practicing Mindfulness brings awareness to our state of mind and directs our focus to the present moment. A pilot study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders found that Mindfulness Therapy can significantly reduce ADHD symptoms and improve executive functioning in adults with ADHD.

An article by Self states that research indicates we can improve our brain health by bringing together our mind and body during workout routines. The technique consists of strategically timed introspective moments to bring awareness to how you feel and acknowledging the energy in your own body. Other classes begin and end with a meditation period – the intent being to leave you in a happier and calmer state of mind.

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