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Retirement & ADHD. 6 Strategies That May Help You.

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Recently ADDitude Magazine shared strategies for ADHD individuals who are retiring and trying to maintain a structured and fulfilling life. How to Retire with ADHD: Structure, Stimulation, Purpose, discusses why many people who retire spend their time in the wrong places such as online shopping, daytime TV, and restaurants. The article reveals that these activities do not lead to a life of purpose and fulfillment after retirement. Strategies that will lead to a successful and enjoyable retirement are also discussed.

Retirement can be challenging for individuals. For many years they have had the structure of a job, social connections, and a sense of purpose. Often after retirement, those things disappear which is often problematic for an individual with ADHD because they need structure as well as stimulation. The author of the article, Dr. Nadeau, states that often this leads to overeating, drinking too much, excessive online shopping, overuse of social media, and watching too much television.  However, there are positive ways that individuals with ADHD can create structure and a sense of purpose.

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