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Survey Says: Teens’ devices are interrupting learning

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Numerous studies indicate that as our use of technology has increased our ability to sustain focus and pay attention to detail has decreased.

A recent study briefed by EducationDive and published in Education Week shows that educators are weighing in on this heavily debated topic.  Educators are stating that our teens’ devices are also impeding their learning.

In this study, 225 educators from kindergarten classrooms up to college professors were surveyed.  The results were as follows:

  • 34% of educators said they (the educators) were distracted by students’ use of devices (phones and tablets) during class
  • 80% believe students “multi-task” during instructional time
  • 61% believe that “multi-tasking” negatively affects a student’s ability to pay attention and learn

Some suggestions were also provided on how to minimize devices interference in instructional time. Those suggestions included:

  • Having students turn off their devices during instructional time
  • Providing a mid-point break during instructional time for students to check their phones
  • 56% of the educators stated that their schools had policies around technology. However, those policies were not often followed consistently.

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