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Manage Your Day

Nanny provides several fun tools for managing daily tasks and developing organizational skills.


Set up your weekly routine and mark off chores as your child does them. Routines are divided into morning, afternoon, and night, giving your child a small list of chores for each time of day. This helps both of you manage time. Your child can earn points for completing chores and use those points to buy great items in Nanny’s Store. Consequences can also be set for not completing chores.


Schedule events that are taking place. Earn points for marking events off and set reminders for events up to a month ahead. 0000000 0000 0000 0000 00

Goal Keeper

Set a goal for your child and watch him work his way to the top! Watch as a custom animation moves forward as your child makes progress. Flowers grow and divers explore the ocean floor with each step taken. A custom trophy is awarded upon goal completion.


You can use the Homework Helper to keep track of your homework and grades. When you first open the Homework Helper, you will see a list of homework currently due. Clicking on an assignment will bring up detailed information about the assignment.


Manage your money! Your child can keep track of the amount of money in the bank and watch it grow. You can set saving goals and charity goals to learn to save money. You can set up an allowance with conditions based on the amount of chores your child has done or strikes received.


Manage time! Set up timers to alert your child or yourself at a specific time or after a certain amount of time has passed. Your child can also use the Stopwatch to time themselves while doing chores or homework and help prevent dawdling. Can your child beat their fastest time? The more you use the timer, the better your sense of time.


Set up reminders to keep track of daily chores or upcoming events. daily chores or upcoming events. daily chores or upcoming events. daily chores or upcoming events. daily c

Watch your Progress

EOWEach week you and your child will be given a report on how well your child did. Watch as the amount of work done each week rises, and strikes fall. Many stats are monitored, giving you an accurate idea of progress each week.

Parent Controls

PARENT_PANELNanny gives parents an easy to use control panel, especially designed to manage multiple children. Parents are given extra controls to approve chores, and create and manage strikes, reminders, coupons, and give rewards for good behavior.



Earn Rewards

You can earn all kinds of rewards through Nanny. Rewarding good behavior encourages work and builds confidence. The work your child does on their routine each week earns points which can be spent at the Nanny Store.

Your Personal Room

Nanny gives your child their own personal space to decorate and use as you wish!  They can buy items to personalize the room with the points earned.  New items will be available often to keep your child motivated to earn more points!


With points earned, your child will also be able to buy gizmos, special games, and toys that can only be purchased with Nanny Points! New games will continue to be released and many will focus on building cognitive skills such as  memory and concentration.


You can make coupons for your child to buy with Nanny points.  Your child can then redeem them for prizes you designed especially for your child!

...Or Face the Consequences

StrikeMisbehavior can be discouraged through strikes that appear on your child’s wall.  Incomplete chores or misbehavior can result in a strike.  Strikes can also carry consequences such as losing points or your allowance.

Listen and Communicate

Nanny provides tools to foster communication which is invaluable when daily life becomes hectic.

Provides a way to communicate between parent and child. Use the note board to write notes.  You can remind each other of something, state what's happening in your day, or just say 'I love you'.

JOURNALThe Journal
Is used to record thoughts or write notes and reminders. Your child can have public entries and invite others to read them, or can submit private entries for no one else to see.

Need Help? Nanny's Here!

Nanny's here to guide you through your room with extended tutorials and help documents. Nanny also provides reminders, and tips and strategies for managing ADHD. If you need any more support, help is just an email or phone call away.