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Understanding the link between executive function & school success

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When it comes to doing well in school, we must provide our students with the right tools for the job. But how do you determine what your child needs in his toolbox? Do you find yourself wondering, “Why does my child continually to struggle and fail in school when he is so bright?” He knows how to read, how to write, how to do math and yet cannot seem to keep up. What is your child missing in his toolbox?

Strong executive function may be the missing link.

As reported in Additude Magazine, “Up to 90 percent of kids with ADHD struggle with executive function challenges that impair goal-directed behavior.”

Think of executive function as capacities for self-control that allow us to sustain action in problem solving toward a goal. It is goal directed problem solving and goal directed persistence. Certain cognitive functions support executive function. They include attention, filtering out distractions, working memory, short-term memory, spatial memory, auditory processing, time on-task, and behavioral control. These are often deficit in ADHD children and adults.

Play Attention is specifically designed to strengthen the cognitive skills and self-regulation that lay the foundation for strong executive function.

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