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Why you and your child should do Taekwondo

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Children and adults with ADHD are often caring and sensitive individuals. However, poor impulse control can often make it difficult for them to interact appropriately with their peers, teachers, or family. Impulse control is part of executive function and allows us to stop, think, and then act. Without the ability to control your actions, you might be labeled unruly, inconsiderate, or aggressive. The good news is that impulse control can be learned with the appropriate tools.

Exercise is one approach to improve impulsivity. A small study published in the Journal of Behavior Modification found that exercise may improve self-control.

When deciding which exercise you should use to help control the symptoms of ADHD, consider Taekwondo. Here are some of the reasons why:

  •     This martial art has an element of meditation which calms the mind.
  •     Movements require smooth deliberate actions.
  •     Good instructors break down the movements step-by-step, so it is not overwhelming.
  •     You have the option to learn Taekwondo on an individual basis or in a class setting.
  •     Classes allow you to interact and be social without feeling the pressure of a team sport.
  •     There are small achievable goals and challenges for you to strive towards.
  •     Consistent rituals teach the concept of routine.
  •     It improves self-esteem and confidence.

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